Life in Dominion

-# As the youngest of children, I inherited but three estates and a small copper mine. I have seen my cousins in similar position fall to ruin or become leeches on the family fortune. This will not happen of me. I intend to grow my fortunes and my lands, with a bit of help from lady Luck. To this end I decided to build a wishing well. May it serve me well.

-# In order to have something to throw into the well, I need more money. Therefore I started a new mining operation. It looks promising.

-# Ambition is first and preparation the other half of success. So I hired a scout to look for new lands and opportunities.

-# I struck gold, the mining venture proved to be well worth the investment. I’ll reward myself, with a glass of beer.

-# I hoped to invest in even more mining but didn’t manage to procure enough cash. The holdings required unexpected expenditure. I decided to build a second wishing well in another estate instead. So I can always throw a coin wherever I am.

-# More expenditures.

-# Struck a new gold vein, oh joy! New mining investments.

-# All my wishes come true! An extremely prosperous year. This is it, this is what I’ve been working for. I managed to buy a small province. Everything is more beautiful there.

-# Nothing remarkable. Maybe I should get I wife?

-# As the fame of my name spreads, I become targeted. A neighbouring baron tried to swindle me but failed. I expect more such attempts in the future.

-# My gold mine is bringing steady income now, so I procured a new province.

-# No wife, but I built a harem instead.

-# As I enter my golden years the competition grows fierce. Land available for purchase is dwindling by the day. I am ahead of the curve but have to remain vigilant to stay there. Crazy times we live in.

-# This is it, I achieved all I could. I have the money, influence and power, that surpasses others’. My coronation is today.

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